The Story of Bibelot

The Littlest Shop...

Bibelot began life in 1995 when mother/daughter team Elizabeth and Jann Stefoff, and Elizabeth's partner Bruce Johnson, saw the little space that would become the shop's home for the first 26 years. It was adorable and empty.

“What should we do with it?” they asked.

While Bruce laid the parquet floors and built shelves, Elizabeth and Jann went sourcing antiques, a common love that proved both exciting and exhausting. “I bungee-corded everything to the top of my Toyota”, says Jann. “I looked like Jed Clampett.” It was a fast-learning experience but Elizabeth was hooked “on the hunt” as she put it.

Within a few years, both recognized that a change was evolving. Elizabeth loved greeting cards, Jann loved writing materials and both loved fine French soap and Sid Dickens tiles.
And so, Bibelot grew, blossomed and became a Port Hope destination.

Now, as Bibelot is getting amazingly close to three decades old, we have grown to a space three times our original size, and expanded those passions that drove the original.

In a world of online-everything, we still believe in the experience...coming into a space that looks, smells and sounds good, where you'll find beautiful and curious gifts – for yourself or for another.

Elizabeth passed away in 2019, still very much the heart of the shop and much missed by us and by our customers...

Jann carried on with the help of Debbie Clews – a sainted member of the staff for so long even she can't remember...and now with Cathryn Everist – a long-awaited addition to the Bibelottes.

We don't hand-write our bills anymore but our belief in knowledgeable service has remained the same...since 1995.

Questions? Compliments? Dinner invitations?

Please get in touch on our contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

During Walton St. construction if you require curbside pickup or local home delivery, leave a message here or call (905) 885 - 9682.